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3DPI in neuer Version (3.4) erhältlich

Ullalas 3DPI ist ab heute in neuer Version erhältlich. Die Neuerungen hier kurz auf Englisch:

* Wheels (endless Sliders): at all Properties that are displayed by
an editable field, but do not have a minimum and a maximum value, a
wheel is now beside the field to change the value more easy.
* Improved Sliders: While changing a property by a Slider or a Wheel
the changes will be visible on the stage emmediately now, not only
when releasing the Slider/Wheel.
* Scrolling: When jumping through editable fields by the TAB-key, the
page will scroll automatically so that the selected field appears in
the visible area.
* Tracing: (Button in the right upper corner) is also working now
with Transform properties. (PS: The Trace function should now work
* ModelResource #fromFile: missing Properties added.
* PointAt: Within the "PointAt"-Dialog at all transforms I have added
a PopUp menu, which lists all groups, models, lights and cameras.
When selecting one of these nodes, the worldposition of this node
will be automatically filled inside the fields to pointAt.
* repeat Transform functions: A hidden feature is built inside at the
transform Buttons "translate", "rotate", "pointAt" and "scale": When
clicking on the Button while the option-key is pressed the function
will be called with the values that was choosen last time. So the
dialog will not open, and one can quickly repeat the function with
the same values again.
* addChild() dialog: the optional parameter (#preserveWorld /
#preserveParent) is added.

Der 3DPI (3D Property-Inspector) ist mit eines der nützlichsten Tools für die Arbeit mit Shockwave 3D Darstellern. Viele Funktionen unterstützen sowohl den eingefleischten Programmierer als auch den Anfänger, da er mit durchgängigem Point and Click viele Eigenschaften der 3D Darsteller beeinflussen kann.

Download bei http://www.ullala.at/3DPI.

Autor: TB

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